Oberon, pencil on textured paper, approx 40 x 50cm, April 2015
Mirage, Pencil on Paper, 505mm x 400mm, March 2012.
The Harvest, Graphite Pencil on Paper, 560mm x 420mm, October 2009.
Tangled Roses Drawing, graphite pencil on textured paper, approx 40cm x 30cm, January 2015 .
Simon Chapman Portrait, Graphite on Canvas, 510mm x 200mm, April 2012.
Action Man!, Graphite on Paper, 290mm x 410mm, 1995.
Colin Friels, Graphite on Paper, 305mm x 405mm, June 2000.
Evulsion, Graphite Pencil on Paper, 420mm x 297mm, 1993.
Band Flyer for Helter Paye and Alyce-Dee, Ink Pen on Paper, 400mm x 300mm, early 1990s.
KATZE Graphite Version, Graphite on Watercolour Paper, 210mm x 210mm, 2004
Knife, Graphite on Bristol Board, 210mm x 290mm, 1992.
Madonna, Sepia Pencil on Paper, 297mm x 420mm, September 2002. Drawn in Victoria and Albert Museum from "Virgin and Child with Kneeling Members of the Guild of the Misericordia by Bartholomeo Buon
Medusa, Graphite on Paper, 146mm x 173mm, 1996
Paula Azzopardi, Green Ink on Paper, 420mm x 594mm, 1996
Real Estate, Groovy Gravy Issue #3, Graphite on Paper, 210mm x 297mm, 1994.
Rib Hugger Tattoo Design, Graphite on Paper, 200mm x 255mm, 1994.
Kira, Pencil on Paper, 210mm x 130mm, 2004
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