Christina Williams BSc Computer Animation

Christina Williams (formerly Christina Hawkes) is an animator, fine artist and musician. As well as her personal art projects, she has done portraiture, tattoo design and illustration in a variety of media.

Christina's YouTube Channel:

She has exhibited her work in H.R. Giger’s castle in Gruyeres, The Mall Galleries and other London galleries, the Murphy Hill Gallery in Chicago, Gallery Fifty Six in Memphis, Primo Piano Living Gallery in Italy, and collaborated with Foolish People and Guerrilla Zoo in providing paintings for The Abattoir Pages.  Christina was also the visualisation artist for the Telectroscope installation at Southbank, London in 2008. 

Commissions, freelance and volunteer work include magazine illustrations, theatre set painting and construction, storyboards, comic panels, logos, caricatures, album covers and paintings.

Currently she lives in Tasmania, where she continues with her own artwork and graphic design commissions. Portraits are a specialty, and commissions are most welcome! Very reasonable fees, and all aspects of design can be done via the internet if location is an issue.


Artwork prints are available through Redbubble: