Lady Octopus
Painted Nude, Acrylic on Paper, 390mm x 572mm, May 1998.
Bliss, Acrylic on Bristol Board, 355mm x 430mm, August 1999.
Satori and Dubuis, Acrylic on Canvas, 277mm x 175mm, October 2011.
Dinosaur Trees, Acrylic on Canvas, 400mm x 500mm, May 2008.
Self Portrait, Acrylic on Canvas, 460mm x 380mm, March 2010.
Morty, Acrylic on Canvas, 910mm x 605mm, March 2004. Sold.
Baobab Tree, Acrylic and Graphite Pencil on Paper, 380mm x 273mm, January 2010.
Blue Lady, Acrylic on Paper, 480mm x 367mm, 1998. Sold.
Porcelain Doll, Acrylic on Paper, 400mm x 447mm, 1998.
Frequencies, Acrylic on Paper, 400mm x 270mm, November 2009.
Hybrid, Oils on Canvas Paper, 410mm x 505mm, 2001.
KATZE - Colour Version. Artwork for Marco Minnemann, Acrylic on Watercolour Paper, 210mm x 210mm, December 2004.
Piper, Acrylic on Paper, 260mm x 355mm, 1995.
Test Subject, Acrylic on Canvas, 760mm x 1220mm, 2005. Sold.
Shadowplay, Acrylic on Paper, 254mm x 353mm, August 2009. Sold.
Spiral, Acrylic on Canvas, 750mm x 600mm, June 2011. Sold.
Dolly and Cilla
Zoe and Johnny, Acrylic on Watercolour Paper, 250mm x 400mm, April 2001
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